How To Treat A Headache Caused By Smoking Cigarettes?

Do you often experience a headache caused by smoking? Maybe you just spent a lovely evening your friend who can’t get through an hour without smoking a cigarette? Of perhaps you are a smoker as well. Whatever the case is, you are not trying to deal with pounding headache that’s got you holding your head.

What do you think, did all that inhaled smoke triggered this condition? So, whether you smoke cigarettes, pipes of you are around the people who smoke regularly, there is a chance you will experience a headache. The chemicals located inside and the smell are a big part of the problem. But, if you take the right steps, then you can avoid a cigarette headache.

How does a headache after smoking appear?

There are a couple of ways which prove that smoking is connected to headaches.

Nicotine – in all tobacco products you will find nicotine. When you smoke, nicotine shrinks the blood vessels in your brain. In this case, the blood flow is reduced which may trigger a migraine. When the blood vessels narrow, there is also less blood flow to the layers of the tissue that covers your brain.

If this situation happens, then you will feel pain in your head and face. Another issue with nicotine is that once a headache starts, it might be challenging to get rid of it. The reason for this is because the chemical affects your liver’s ability to break down a pain medicine. In this case, if you are counting on pain relief, then it won’t work, juts when you need it the most.

Carbon monoxide

When we mention carbon monoxide, the first association people get is a gas that comes out of your car’s tailpipe. But, carbon monoxide is also located in tobacco products. If smoke cigarettes, then levels of carbon monoxide are elevated in your body and can cause a headache.

Sensitivity to smell

For some people, the scent that smoking gives of is enough to cause a headache or a migraine. Many people also have an allergy to cigarette smoke which can trigger a headache. When it comes to this condition, the same rule applies to e-cigarettes as well. Considering the contain nicotine, you can get a headache if you smoke too much.

How to treat this issue?

Well, the best solution would be to quit smoking, but some people won’t go that far. They would rather suffer a couple of hours of torture than to stop smoking. If this condition keeps repeating, then you should visit your doctor and ask for further guidance.

There is something wrong, and you need to check it out before it’s too late. You can also try some homemade remedies such as herbal tea and staying hydrated.

You should keep in mind that a headache can also appear when you cut back on cigarettes. It is due to nicotine withdrawal. The symptoms include the worst possible headache during the first weeks after your quit tobacco

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