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Four Reasons To Switch To E-Cigarette

Are you thinking about switching to e-cigarette? Do you know the health benefits of such a decision? For a couple of years, people have been raving about the advantages of electronic cigarettes. Apart from saving money, you no longer have to carry a lighter or smell on cigarette smoke to enjoy this guilty pleasure.

So, here are a couple of advantages which can help you change the perspective on smoking.


Let’s start with the most important reason. Active smokers are concerned about their health, but they continue to smoke. Based on statistics, about the half of all regular smokers will die due to their addiction to cigarettes, or smoking related-diseases. Smoking also causes over a quarter of all deaths from cancer, which is a shocking number.

Smoking tobacco also causes cardiovascular diseases, and it’s a third of all respiratory deaths. We should also mention that cigarettes are responsible for fires and burns as well. However, the good news is that e-cigarettes offer minimal risks, and, in fact, the vape pens have less than 5% of the risks of smoking, which is excellent news for all the people who are trying to quit.

Compared to regular cigarettes, the electronic ones don’t have dangerous chemicals that could pose a threat to your health. But, even if they do, it’s a minimal risk involved.

No secondhand smoke risk

Another disadvantage of smoking tobacco is that it damages the health of those around you. The smell can bother people, and that’s why it has been banned in many public institutions, such as pubs, restaurants, and clubs for almost a decade. Smokers will have to take their habit outside if they want to satisfy nicotine cravings.

However, some establishments still have separate sections for smokers. When we are talking about the vape, it’s not connected to any of the risks that secondhand smoke delivers. The vapor contains small particles, which have already been exhaled by the smoker, posing no threat to other people around you. In this case, you can enjoy smoking e-cigarette, without worrying whether you will harm someone or not.

You will save money

Let’s face it, cigarettes are expensive, and you need a lot to get you through the entire month. Considering the government is imposing taxes and penalties all the time, the price of the cigarettes will only rise.

On the other hand, if you switch to e-cigarettes, you will decrease your expenses significantly. Of course, if you want to invest your money in a high-quality unit, then the initial investment will cost you some money, but it will pay off in the longer run.

Less smell

There aren’t many people who love the smell of tobacco and cigarettes. But, that’s not the case with vaporing and e-cigarettes. They have very little odor and sometimes vape clouds smell sweet, live vanilla or some fruit, but, this can’t be compared with tobacco. If you choose e-cigarette, you will also be awarded a massive range of flavors.

Chose the strength

Considering that e-cigarettes use e-liquids, you aren’t only awarded with the possibility to select flavors but also the intensity, which means you can purchase juices with different levels of nicotine. This is excellent news for all people who are looking forward to decreasing the amount of nicotine.