Hello, my name is Melissa Bruton and welcome to my website!

For years I have been struggling with nicotine addiction, and I have been an active smoker since college. But, in the last couple of years, when e-cigarettes appeared on the market, they’ve spiked my imagination and made me try something different.

However, I wasn’t only interested in this hype, but I wanted to discover the mechanism behind this trend. What was so special about them? How do they operate? Do they damage our health? Will I be addicted even more? I had so many questions, but no one new answers. That’s why I decided to try and see how it goes. I purchased my first e-cigarette eight years ago, and I must admit that this industry has improved significantly. It only took me one year to quit smoking entirely, which was the remarkable progress for me.

Since then it became my mission to educate people about the benefits of e-cigarettes. Even though they have been on the market for a while, people are stills skeptical towards them. They think that electronic cigarettes are equally harmful like traditional ones, which is not true.

At some extent, they potentially have some dangerous substances, mostly nicotine, but in no way, it is life-threatening or can cause any severe damage to your body, like regular cigarettes. On my website, you will find useful information, clinical trials, studies, research that prove the health benefits of e-cigarettes. Also, I will explore various units and e-liquids and review them for you.