Wondering What The Vape Pen Is And How It Works?

Electronic cigarettes have become a huge success all over the world. People enjoy vaping because they aren’t limited by spaced or grounded by rules. Nowadays, you can select from a variety of models, some of them are cheap, while others will cost you a mint.

It’s all up to you have much you are determined to leave the smoking behind you. We all know that smoking is bad for our health, and vape pen is an alternative which can help you overcome this bad habit. So far, a lot of people managed to quit smoking, just using the electronic cigarette.

However, there are a lot of examples of individuals who also got hooked up to vaping because they weren’t determined enough. When switching to an e-cigarette, you should choose high-quality devices that won’t harm your body. Also, pay attention to liquids you are buying because a lot of them come from countries that don’t have a controlled and monitored production process.

So far, we have tested a few of them and here are a couple of e-cigarettes which can assist you in quitting the smoking and still let you enjoy this vice.

5. Aspire CF-VV+ VAPE PEN

This pen ranks highly in the list of the best vape pen. The downside of this pen is that it bigger because of its battery size. However, with the bigger battery comes better performance. You get to enjoy a longer use with the higher battery life and you can adjust the power that gets to your atomizer. You can intensify your smoking or reduce the level of vape that you need flowing by adjusting the voltage between 3.3 and 4.8 v through a dial button. The battery has a 1000mAh capacity that is able to last the vapers a day. Then there is the spring that comes loaded with 510 connector enabling it to work with a variety of atomizers and tanks. The device comes with a carbon fiber exterior that has a single flat fire button at the front, talk of easy use.

When buying the vape, it will allow you access to a 2ml capacity tank that is readily installed with five spare 1.8 ohm vertical coils. Charging is through USB and a wall adapter. This is a case of big and better.

4. Kanger Subvod

This is arguably one of the best vape pens for e-liquid even better is that it is compact and comes in a battery that supports the sub-ohm vaping. What will probably get you buying this device is the use-friendly trendy design. The Kanger Subvod is installed with a 1300mAh battery which is lower than most of the vapes of its class. However, its battery is smaller coming in parameters of 3.5 inches’ length and

0.75 inches in diameter. With this battery, you can have resistance of up to 0.4 ohms. You can charge the battery through USB.

3. Joyetech eGo One

If there is one area where the original still beats the market is in the best vape pen devices. The Joyetech eGo One brings with it the features of the original vaporizer pen. Joyetech has been in the market for quite some time and it has progressed to embrace larger designs that come with higher powers while maintaining a customer centric approach to usability of its devices. You get to use the classic device that comes with 0.5 ohm resistance atomizer with a 2200mAh battery but you can get a lower version of 1100mAh version. Paired with a 2.5ml tank and varied atomizers, your inhalation requirements can be

properly matched. The classic feel comes with the ease of use. It is impressive to have a powerful device that is simple in its most essential way.

2. V2 Pro Series 3

You cannot talk of the best vape pens in the industry without referring to this device. V2 Cig certainly made an entrance in the industry. You have probably heard of this brand in the market and it is a notable brand for the right reasons. The pro series pushes the industry a notch further as a trend setter. This brand especially its series 3 and series 7 are a market hit because of their ability to vaporize e-liquid and many others including wax and loose leaf. Basically, anything that needs to be vaporized gets vaporized with these devices.

The device functions through three different styles of cartridge for the three different items that need to be vaporized. It is designed in a way that the loose leaf, wax, and e-liquid drop in their rightful place to reduce fiddling. With a 1.6 ml capacity for e-juice and 385 cubic mm for the loose leaf, you get to extract solid performance from the V2 Cigs. You can add other cartridges if you need.

The batteries vary with the series, you can bet between 650mAh and 1800mAh for the series 7. However, the small battery is the key to portability of the device.

1. JUUL Vapor

This vape pen is unlike most in the market. The primary aspect of JUUL is that you get to enjoy vape pen like performance in a simple and easy way. All you need to do is to drop the cartridge section on top of the device and inhale from the end. To check the battery life is as simple as tapping the bottom twice.

The vapor production is in line with what you desire to get. It is a simple device that gives you more. Moreover, it comes with a high-nicotine e-liquid specifically 50mg/ml making it satisfying for even the heaviest smoker.

We have listed the best vape pens for you to choose from, let us know what you thought of it.

Electronic Cigarettes For Smoking Cessation And Reduction

The issue of electronic cigarettes has been one of the most controversial topics in general public health. People are concerned about this new method where inhalation of smoke is replaced with vapor. So far, we have heard many scientists and doctors pointing out good and bad side of e-cigarettes. But, can this so-called revolutionary device help us quit smoking.

Well, no one can answer that question because we had multiple cases of people succeeding, but also numerous cases of people failing. So, let’s review the pros and cons and help you make the best decision that won’t damage your health.

What are e-cigarettes?

They are battery-powered devices that operate by heating liquid into an aerosol that the user inhales and exhales. The electronic cigarettes usually contain chemicals such as nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin, flavorings, and other compounds.

We are all aware that nicotine is an addictive drug found in regular cigarettes and other tobacco-related products. Based on some research, the e-cigarette aerosol can often contain substances that can be harmful and damaging, including diacetyl, metals like lead on others.

So, before you go buying liquid for your vapor pen, make sure to choose one that doesn’t contain these harmful ingredients.

Are e-cigarettes regulated?

Companies that manufacture or sell electronic cigarettes and liquids must follow specific FDA regulations. For instance, only people older than 18 are allowed to by e-cigarettes. Scientists are working hard to discover more evidence and to determine the pattern how e-cigarettes should be used and what effect do they have on our health.

These discoveries may lead to additional regulations and could be helpful for informing the public about electronic cigarettes and potential health risks.

Can they help you quit smoking?

They aren’t approved by the FDA as a quit smoking aid, but that doesn’t mean they can’t perform such an action. So far, we had many successful cases where people managed to quit smoking using the e-cigarettes.

To determine whether they can serve this cause, we need more research. Considering they recently appeared on the market, we don’t have enough evidence to make such claims. Keep in mind that electronic cigarettes also contain nicotine so that you can get addicted as well.

However, if you are determined to quit smoking, there are other proven and safe ways. Many people use mediations, like the nicotine patch or gum, which doctors and other experts agree is one of the most useful ways to stop smoking.

Are there any risks of e-cigarettes?

Like with any nicotine-based products, you can’t expect to have a clean slate. There are risks which involve young adults, pregnant women, and substances that aren’t tested enough.

Switching To E-Cigarettes Can Lengthen A Person’s Life

E-cigarettes have been one of the most controversial topics in the last couple of years. While some state it’s a healthier alternative to smoking, others claim it’s still unhealthy. Traditional tobacco is still deeply rooted in our culture, and people have a hard time getting accustomed to new trends.

But, if something like an e-cigarette can prolong your life, then why not accept it. Considering it’s still new, vaping can transform our lives and offer us a healthier perspective. But, let’s look at the evidence and see whether e-cigarettes indeed have the power to prolong our life, without damaging our body.

E-cigarette benefits

While the lifesaving potential of e-cigarettes is promising, it’s hardly the last word on this ongoing research. Considering they recently appeared on the market, we don’t have enough evidence to claim their health benefits or harms. The American Lung Association declared that e-cigarettes aren’t any safer than traditional ones because they are still nicotine products.

However, for many researchers and scientists, vaping is still considered safer than smoking. And, when it comes to getting smokers to quit, they e-cigarettes take the first place. Any cigarette model has the power to satisfy your daily dose of nicotine.

On the other hand, numerous studies have already established that smoking is harmful and for long-term smokers, 2 out of 3 will likely die prematurely due to smoking-connected disease.

Quitting and starting

One of the most asked questions is, does e-cigarette help people stop smoking and does it encourages young adults to take up smoking? The significant sticking point is the flavorings. Nowadays, you can find various flavors, which may entice youth to start vaping.

However, not only youth are attracted to cigarettes, but also long-term smokers, which can lead to cessation. But, we have to learn which flavors encourage quitting and which encourage initiation. In this case, the FDA will be in a better position to determine which should be banned.

In 2009, the FDA banned the sale of flavored cigarettes, and since then the lung association has argued that FDA should do the same with e-cigarettes.

Nevertheless, with all the harm vaporing and e-cigarettes can case, they still seem to be a better option than regular ones, and they may have a chance to save lives.

Does vaporing lead to regular cigarettes?

This question has also spiked a lot of attention and now the use of e-cigarettes exceeds the use of traditional ones in 14- to 30-year-olds. This is strong evidence that vaporing can lead to regular smoking in adolescents and young adults.

There are also other ways which can help you quit smoking, like gums and patches. But, their success rate has dropped down. They were very popular when they appeared, but that’s not the case now. However, no one can neglect their efficiency; even though, people rarely use them.

They are now more focused on e-cigarettes because they are proven to be a useful cessation strategy and better alternative than tobacco.

What Is Vaping? A Beginner’s Guide To Vaporizers And E-cigs

Vaping is a simple way to switch from traditional tobacco to e-cigarettes, and the entire world has become obsessed with them. Considering that conventional cigarettes are banned from smoking inside, the electronic one has become a convenient solution.

Also, numerous studies confirm that people who switched to vaping have managed to quit smoking, which is an excellent outcome. It is a healthier alternative, and you have a chance to protect your body from dangerous chemicals. If you are new to this and you want to try vaping, then we have compiled a guide, which can help you in this process.

What is the best vaporizer for beginners?

There are four main types of vaporizers, and they all have different purposes.

E-cigarettes – they look similar to cigarettes and use replicable cartridges that contain liquids. E-cigarettes are excellent for beginners and for people who don’t have a lot of experience with vaping. You’ll get a chance to experience vaping and see whether it matches your needs.

Pocket vapes – they are smaller vapes which are designed for portability and ease of use. However, they provide the better vapor quality than e-cigarettes.

Pen vaporizers – they come in spherical shape and resemble a pen. Pen vaporizers have two parts, an atomizer and battery, liquids are placed in a tank that contains an atomizer. The battery produces the heat, which heats the atomizer and produces vapor.

Box mod vaporizers – last but not least, box mod vaporizer are more advanced and complicated types of atomizers that previously mentioned. They feature a large battery box and a digital screen used to change the settings. They are excellent for advanced smokers and if you want to maximize the amount of vapor.

What kind of liquids should you use?

Once you purchase a vaporizer, you’ll need to decide what kind of liquid you like. Nowadays, you can find various liquids on the market, with different flavors. Some people want to use tobacco flavored liquids, while others would like to try the vanilla flavored liquid.

You should know that the amount of nicotine in liquids varies and you should choose the one that will satisfy your daily dose of nicotine. It is best to test a couple of them, combining the different strengths of nicotine to determine what works best for you. Also, you can but liquid without the nicotine. This is excellent for people who are trying to quit. It will give you an illusion of smoking.

Are there any rules you should follow?

In general, vaping is not accepted everywhere because it still considered a form of smoking. In this case, you should avoid public institutions, bars, restaurants, and private business, unless it is stated otherwise.

Many people vape at home because vaporizers don’t leave a lingering smell like tobacco. On the other hand, in social situations, you should always ask those around you if they mind if you vape. While vaping is becoming popular, there are still many people who aren’t familiar with this concept.

Studies have shown that secondhand vapor doesn’t cause any damage, but many people might be unaware of this and get upset if you vape around them.

How To Treat A Headache Caused By Smoking Cigarettes?

Do you often experience a headache caused by smoking? Maybe you just spent a lovely evening your friend who can’t get through an hour without smoking a cigarette? Of perhaps you are a smoker as well. Whatever the case is, you are not trying to deal with pounding headache that’s got you holding your head.

What do you think, did all that inhaled smoke triggered this condition? So, whether you smoke cigarettes, pipes of you are around the people who smoke regularly, there is a chance you will experience a headache. The chemicals located inside and the smell are a big part of the problem. But, if you take the right steps, then you can avoid a cigarette headache.

How does a headache after smoking appear?

There are a couple of ways which prove that smoking is connected to headaches.

Nicotine – in all tobacco products you will find nicotine. When you smoke, nicotine shrinks the blood vessels in your brain. In this case, the blood flow is reduced which may trigger a migraine. When the blood vessels narrow, there is also less blood flow to the layers of the tissue that covers your brain.

If this situation happens, then you will feel pain in your head and face. Another issue with nicotine is that once a headache starts, it might be challenging to get rid of it. The reason for this is because the chemical affects your liver’s ability to break down a pain medicine. In this case, if you are counting on pain relief, then it won’t work, juts when you need it the most.

Carbon monoxide

When we mention carbon monoxide, the first association people get is a gas that comes out of your car’s tailpipe. But, carbon monoxide is also located in tobacco products. If smoke cigarettes, then levels of carbon monoxide are elevated in your body and can cause a headache.

Sensitivity to smell

For some people, the scent that smoking gives of is enough to cause a headache or a migraine. Many people also have an allergy to cigarette smoke which can trigger a headache. When it comes to this condition, the same rule applies to e-cigarettes as well. Considering the contain nicotine, you can get a headache if you smoke too much.

How to treat this issue?

Well, the best solution would be to quit smoking, but some people won’t go that far. They would rather suffer a couple of hours of torture than to stop smoking. If this condition keeps repeating, then you should visit your doctor and ask for further guidance.

There is something wrong, and you need to check it out before it’s too late. You can also try some homemade remedies such as herbal tea and staying hydrated.

You should keep in mind that a headache can also appear when you cut back on cigarettes. It is due to nicotine withdrawal. The symptoms include the worst possible headache during the first weeks after your quit tobacco

Best Vape Mods And Box Mods 2018

Box modes or so-called vape mods are designed to offer you the ultimate vaping experience. They can store and deliver a large quantity of power that their smaller e-cigarette counterparts. Each unit contains the battery, 510 connections, and firmware that controls the device.

The box mod is more extensive than vape mod or tube mod, and it has a variety of additional features, for instance, variable voltage, wattage, and temperature setting. For example, beginners who start with the e-cigarettes and vape pens eventually want something stronger, which will offer them more power. So, here is the selection you should consider.

Vapor2 Trinity Vape Mod

Vapor2 never failed to deliver the promised results, but with the Trinity Box mod, you are getting a well-done steak. It is tiny and formidable cloud-pumper. However, if this isn’t on your list, then Trinity can comfortably accommodate above ohm coils, like the 1.2ohm coil included in the kit.

The Trinity comes equipped with an internal 1200mAh battery that allows your device the maximum output of 40W in a variable wattage mode. This power will be enough to satisfy even the most demanding smokers, but might not be enough for the cloud-chasers.

Mig Vapor Neo

Some people want to enjoy the benefits of vaping the best possible box models, but they don’t want to adjust all the various settings. In this case, you should try the Mig Vapor Neo, which is a powerful unit capable of delivering serious vapor production.

The device is covered with a soft squeeze material for comfort and grip. You will get a 4500 mAh battery and 100W battery that automatically adjusts to the resistance of the atomizer you are using. Neo does the work instead of you by finding the ideal power setting. In this case, you don’t have to do anything but kick back, relax and start vaping right away.

GeekVape Aegis 100 Watt

The GeekVape is one of the best vaping units on the market, and it comes equipped with the 4×4 vapor mods. It is the most durable mod. The device is shock-proof and even waterproof and it’s built to meet military standards. It means it can withstand a shock of a drop, impact or fall.

This unit is cut to be ranked among the best vape mods. It has a leather grip exterior and a large fire button. If you are an advanced smoker, then the GeekVape will satisfy all your needs.

Cool Fire IV vape

Even though it’s a small device, it has the power to deliver the best results. The internal battery charges fast, so you won’t have troubles using it. It comes equipped with a 3300 mAh battery that can fire up to 100W. But, why it’s retailed as one of the best box mods? Well, it’s simple, due to its performance and durability, the Cool Fire IV vape is one sturdy unit, and it vapes like a champ.

It’s user-friendly, and its price is quite affordable.

Electronic Cigarettes: Human Health Effects


In the last couple of years, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the e-cigarettes. Annually, we have numerous studies proving the good sides of e-cigarettes, but also the health risks they carry. The need for an in-depth analysis of electronic cigarettes is evident. However, they appeared recently on the market and scientist need more time to determine possible health effects.

The concerning fact is that e-cigarettes are more prevalent among the younger population, between 18 and 24. Despite their widespread use, the health effects of them are still unclear. So, let’s look at the evidence so far and draw some conclusions.

E-cigarettes, nicotine, and cancer

Many reports found conclusive evidence that the vast majority of electronic cigarettes contain various potentially toxic substances. However, when compared to regular cigarettes, they still have fewer toxicants and carcinogens present.

There is also specific evidence that heart rate increases after nicotine intake from an e-cigarette. Some chemicals that are present in e-cigarettes are capable of causing DNA damage and mutations. This is an essential fact to consider because the long-term use could increase the risk of cancer. Scientists used intermediate biomarkers on animals, and those results support this claim.

On the other hand, the authors of this study also emphasize that evidence are limited and require more research and whether the long-term exposure to e-cigarettes will provide the same results.

So far, there is no available evidence whether or not e-cigarettes are associated with cancer with humans.

Respiratory and developmental effects

Based on numerous studies, there is no evidence that e-cigarettes cause respiratory diseases in humans. But, the in-depth analysis found the moderate proof that electronic cigarettes may lead to increased coughing and wheezing in teenagers, as well as increased asthma.

When we are talking about pregnancy and developmental effects, the study hasn’t found available evidence whether or not e-cigarettes affect pregnancy outcomes. With that said, we don’t have enough proof to claim that electronic cigarettes use affects fetal development.

Various reports also mention that we need more research to understand the health risks of e-cigarettes fully and whether they have the power to help people quit smoking.

Harm reduction

Based on the research so far, we have already established that tobacco and traditional cigarettes carry many harmful and carcinogen substances. However, that’s not the case with e-cigarettes. They still have some dangerous chemicals, mostly nicotine, but the number of other damaging substances is significantly reduced.

It is true that e-cigarettes increase the risk of using tobacco products among youths and young adults, but they can also lead to cessation in long-term smokers and help you quit smoking.

Besides previously mentioned health risks, we still need some time to determine whether e-cigarettes can damage our health and body and whether the prolonged use can cause cancer. Scientists agree on one thing; they aren’t harmful, but, they aren’t safe as we want to believe, mostly because e-cigarettes contain nicotine, which can cause specific health problems with the prolonged use.

No Nicotine E-Liquid & Cartridge Flavors

There is a widespread misconception that all e-liquids contain nicotine, which is not true. One of the great things about vaping is that you get the endless amount of customization, including nicotine-free vape juices.

Even though you don’t have an option to customize your e-liquids, you still can select different levels of nicotine. For many long-term smokers, this can be a lifesaver because they can gradually decrease the nicotine level.

In the past, people used flavored cigarettes, but FDA limited their sale. However, with the increase of e-cigarettes, you can but the best menthol e cigarette, or other fruity flavors. So, if you don’t know what kind of liquid to choose, then we are going to give some options that will satisfy vaping demands.

Sahara VG E-Liquid

For the tobacco traditionalists, this e-liquid has a creamy undertone with a genuine tobacco taste. If you are one of those smokers who enjoy the traditional flavor of tobacco, then you will love Sahara VG E-Liquid. It combines mild Turkish tobacco with sweet undertones that go perfectly together. You will get 50 ml of e-liquids which can last you for ten days. However, depending on your vaping preferences, you can vape longer this amount.

Cosmic Fog Chewberry

If you are one of those people who love fruity flavors, then Cosmic Fog Chewberry is the best option for you. It is an excellent blend of the sun-ripened strawberries with passion fruit. This is a mixture of tropical flavors that will create an exotic cocktail of flavors, and it will satisfy your sweet tooth. The bottle contains 30 ml of liquids, and it will be enough for seven days.

This e-liquid will give you an illusion like you are sitting on an exotic beach, enjoying delicious cocktails and soaking in the sun.

Puff Dragon E-liquid

Are you looking for something that will give you a tropical twist? Do you love eating dragon fruit? Well, look no further because you’ve found it. The combination of dragon fruit and menthol will awake all your taste buds. For people who have never heard about dragon fruit, it has mildly sweet flavor, close probably in sweetness to a kiwi.

When you use this e-liquid, you will have an impression like you tasted the heaven, mostly because are getting a rich fruity flavor.

V2 Platinum Chocolate E-liquid

It up to you whether you prefer the decadence of chocolate over fruity flavors. If this is the case, then this chocolate dream will be the excellent solution for you. In this case, you will have an opportunity to try creamy chocolate deliciousness, and now it’s available with no nicotine.

Chocolate flavored liquids are quite popular among in the vaping community, especially for smokers who prefer juices without nicotine.

MYLK Caramel Almond E-Juice

If you are looking for a smooth and creamy flavor, then MYLK is an excellent choice for you. The milky taste is mellow, and it will fill your mouth with a nutty almond undertone.

Four Reasons To Switch To E-Cigarette

Are you thinking about switching to e-cigarette? Do you know the health benefits of such a decision? For a couple of years, people have been raving about the advantages of electronic cigarettes. Apart from saving money, you no longer have to carry a lighter or smell on cigarette smoke to enjoy this guilty pleasure.

So, here are a couple of advantages which can help you change the perspective on smoking.


Let’s start with the most important reason. Active smokers are concerned about their health, but they continue to smoke. Based on statistics, about the half of all regular smokers will die due to their addiction to cigarettes, or smoking related-diseases. Smoking also causes over a quarter of all deaths from cancer, which is a shocking number.

Smoking tobacco also causes cardiovascular diseases, and it’s a third of all respiratory deaths. We should also mention that cigarettes are responsible for fires and burns as well. However, the good news is that e-cigarettes offer minimal risks, and, in fact, the vape pens have less than 5% of the risks of smoking, which is excellent news for all the people who are trying to quit.

Compared to regular cigarettes, the electronic ones don’t have dangerous chemicals that could pose a threat to your health. But, even if they do, it’s a minimal risk involved.

No secondhand smoke risk

Another disadvantage of smoking tobacco is that it damages the health of those around you. The smell can bother people, and that’s why it has been banned in many public institutions, such as pubs, restaurants, and clubs for almost a decade. Smokers will have to take their habit outside if they want to satisfy nicotine cravings.

However, some establishments still have separate sections for smokers. When we are talking about the vape, it’s not connected to any of the risks that secondhand smoke delivers. The vapor contains small particles, which have already been exhaled by the smoker, posing no threat to other people around you. In this case, you can enjoy smoking e-cigarette, without worrying whether you will harm someone or not.

You will save money

Let’s face it, cigarettes are expensive, and you need a lot to get you through the entire month. Considering the government is imposing taxes and penalties all the time, the price of the cigarettes will only rise.

On the other hand, if you switch to e-cigarettes, you will decrease your expenses significantly. Of course, if you want to invest your money in a high-quality unit, then the initial investment will cost you some money, but it will pay off in the longer run.

Less smell

There aren’t many people who love the smell of tobacco and cigarettes. But, that’s not the case with vaporing and e-cigarettes. They have very little odor and sometimes vape clouds smell sweet, live vanilla or some fruit, but, this can’t be compared with tobacco. If you choose e-cigarette, you will also be awarded a massive range of flavors.

Chose the strength

Considering that e-cigarettes use e-liquids, you aren’t only awarded with the possibility to select flavors but also the intensity, which means you can purchase juices with different levels of nicotine. This is excellent news for all people who are looking forward to decreasing the amount of nicotine.

E-Cigarettes: Vaping And Dental Health

Bad breath, cavities, yellow teeth are closely linked to smoking cigarettes. But, does this rule applies to e-cigarettes? In the last couple of years, people have begun experimenting with the tobacco made products and now more, and more of them are switching to e-cigarettes.

The actual sale of traditional cigarettes has drastically fallen over the last decade, while sales of e-cigarettes have increased significantly. Many people see them as a healthier alternative to smoking, and since there is no tobacco, they believe that cancer and other tobacco-related diseases don’t pose a threat.

So, let’s break down the fats and see whether is vaping bad for your teeth.

What is vaping?

Just said, vaping means smoking e-cigarette. It uses the aerosol, or vapor to deliver nicotine into lungs. The term vaping, instead of smoking, is used because electronic cigarettes don’t make tobacco smoke. They produce an aerosol, which is often mistaken for water vapor, but, that’s not the same. In some case, aerosol contains harmful particles and toxic chemicals that can damage your health and are linked to many dangerous conditions.

Health risks of vaping

Products without tobacco don’t mean they don’t contain nicotine. Considering that nicotine is delivered through vaping, all of the nicotine-related illnesses are still there. Nicotine is an addictive substance, and it’s also a carcinogen. A carcinogen is a substance known to cause cancer.

Based on many studies nicotine can promote tumor growth in the following: lung cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, pancreatic cancer, and breast cancer. However, we still don’t have enough evidence to make definite claims. So far, vaping can impact the health of your lungs, damage blood cells, increase the risk of heart disease and negatively impact your immune system.

Dental health risks

Keep in mind that nicotine isn’t your friend, regardless of the shape and form you take it. Besides the general health, it also carries dental health risks.

First of all, nicotine reduces the amount of blood that can flow through your veins. Without sufficient blood flow, your gums won’t get enough oxygen and nutrients to stay healthy. In a way, this substance chokes out the tissue in the mouth from the blood it needs to survive, causing the severe damage if the gum tissue. This is one of the ways how your gums recede.

Nicotine also prevents your mouth from producing enough saliva. If there is not enough saliva, it leads to bacteria build-up, dry mouth, and tooth decay. That’s why people who vape, often need to drink a lot of water, to stay hydrated.

Nicotine also acts as a stimulant that fires up the muscles. If you have ground your teeth, then nicotine can make it worse. On the other hand, if you aren’t a teeth grinder, then you may start. Bruxism is a condition in which your regularly grind or clench your teeth. This can lead to further oral health complication and tooth damage.

You should keep in mind the common gum disease symptoms such as bad breath, red, irritated gums, tender and swollen gums, wiggly of loss of teeth and recession of gum tissue.